… its live! Y’all scurry on over to any of the sites below and give it a lil’ ol listen. Download it fer FREE through Twitter or Facebook or check it out below!


Don’t forget to come see me in the real life alligator flesh July 11th at Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta! More info under “Live Gigs.”

Knife Trade Show and a New Rock and Roll Tune

Guys, you may not know this, but there is a wild hare runnin’ loose in the cow pen diggin’ little holes and burrowing deep below the soil and ruining my gopher farm. I’m aimin’ to snare it down any day now. Until then, let me update you on the wonderful world of JNL.

1. I recently shot a new video with a couple of drunk bastards. I kicked a goose in the head with my left foot, and everyone got blackout drunk and pissed their pants. A photograph from this true exhibition of American pride is posted below. I’ll let y’all know when its available for your viewing pleasure.

2. I’m heading back into the studio of patriotism in July to record a couple new rock and roll tunes for my album. To truly bring to life the organic feel of the songs, I plan on being nude the entire time. What this really means is that any updates I post during the recording process will only be available on your favorite pornographic website.

3. My debut single “Day” is still up for FREE download on my Bandcamp. Scurry on over there and check it out before ya miss out on that delicious little dog treat.

4. Lastly, in honor of my FAVORITE holiday, the Fourth of July, I’m going to be releasing my second single “Wrestled A Deer” on July 3rd. So keep your eyes peeled for my smoke signal … three short puffs means ITS TIME TO ROCK.

Keep it swampy,


The Bastards of Rock just tossin’ around a couple’a balls:
Bastards of Rock!

A Truly Very Special “Wonders With Johnny” and FREE SHIT (not poop)

Hey y’all, check it out. Two really so cool things are happening in the JNL deer hunting stand right now!

1. For a limited time, I’m giving away my debut single “DAY” for FREE! All I ask in return is your email address so we can be pen pals and send each other slinkies in the mail. Get the song for FREE at Bandcamp!

The sizzlin’ hot track is also available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and streamable on Spotify!

2. I have posted another educational video for all you at home do-it-yourselfers. This time I take you in to my very own personal kitchen to make my favorite dish. Check out “Wonders With Johnny: Kitchen Edition – Boiled P-nuts” below!

As always follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook and send me a message or a picture of your favorite animal.

Your pal,

Johnny NoLight

Great news for all you spear fishing enthusiasts!

My debut single, “DAY” is officially on iTunes! Trap and snare that little nutsac right HERE!

Allow me to introduce myself …

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